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Noe Noe & Yogasoe

Comic Series

Nga Yee Sar Ka Po Mite Tal

Animated Music Video

Thadiyadal MV

Animated Music Video


Short Animated Film


Short Animated Film

Badeidha Moe

Short Animated Film

ASEAN Universities Games

Short Animated Film


Short Animated Film

Mega Ace

Short Animated Film

Along the Way

Short Animated Film

Literary Congress 2017

Short Animated Film

Tori Travel

Character Design, Illustration, Animation


Short Animated Film

Life On Hold

Short Animated Film

Green Light Block

Short Animated Film

Promo Animations

Short Animations

Behind The Scenes

Documentary Of Thadiyadal Music Video

Animated Music Video

Making of Literary Congress 2017

Short Animated Film

Making of Ti Ti is travelling with Tori

Short Animated Film

Making of Along the Way

Short Animated Film

Sound of Pencell



Let's work together.

Animated Film Production

We produce marvelous animated films; shorts, features and series. We warmly welcome you to support us or collaborate.

Commissioned Animated Film

We make commissioned animated films, including advertisements, CSR animations, and logo animations.

Other Creations

Besides animation, we also create character designs, illustrations, stickers, game UI, poster, infographics, calendars, cover designs, etc.


Wanna hear the story of what we are?


    Pencell is an animation studio

    in Yangon, Myanmar, founded by Nobel Aung and Nyan Kyal Say, producing animated shorts, features and series in high quality, and sharing globally.


    The Studio is well organized

    with talented and passionate young artists and is rapidly growing since its debut.


    Mission and Vision

    Our Vision is to improve the animation industry in Myanmar.

    Our Mission is to produce artistic and inspiring animated films and to share globally.

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